2016…The Year of the Woman.

Welcome to January 2016…

I’m just letting you know right now that I’m claiming this year.  I’m undoubtedly and without reservation putting my stamp on this year and making it my own.  Of course, there’s time enough for everyone and should you wish it… you can stake your claim too.  What’s so significant about the next 52 weeks, you might ask?  At the moment, most significantly, that the last 52 weeks were completely shite (with the exception of one or two highlights…and I mean one or two).  In fact, it goes beyond that to a pretty trying previous couple of years too.  So I’ve had enough.  It stops now.  I no longer accept ‘existence’ – I want to LIVE life in all it’s possibilities.  I am not tolerating anymore crap.

Now this is not a resolution…No…No…No.  This is a Declaration of Intent.  I intend to bring positivity into my universe so that I can surround myself with like minded and like hearted beings.  This is the environment in which I want to exist and move forward in my life.

I want some fucking good kharma and I WANT IT NOW!!!

And 2016 is not going to be all about me, believe it or not! 😀  2016 is going to be about all Women.  Can’t you feel it in the air?  There is a tangible rejection of misogyny occurring in societies around the world – be it through movements and legislation against violence against women or hitting back at criticism of breastfeeding in public places to the acknowledgement and recognition of the invaluable work done in the home primarily by women or women leading through business, in Tech, in Science, in medicine.  This year will see us all witness significant voices on behalf of women all across the world in the field of equality, economy, sustainability & growth.  Investing in Feminism is in everyone’s interest.


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