Final quick note of today…

Well, all my family made it through the afternoon unscathed! 😀  You were missed Mike!  My lovely parents really enjoyed having all the grandkids around for the few hours.  Isabel #theBOSS (she’s 6 years old), Jack and Dan had us all playing Musical Chairs including Nana and Grandad so there were loads of giggles!  It’s amazing how some people get so competitive over a little game like that!  #notsayingnonames    Hahahahaha

As I looked around the table and everyone was sharing their food, talking, laughing, oooohing and aaaaahing – I had one of those moments.  Where I felt love and protection for each member of my family – all I wanted for each of them was the simple feeling of a warm, content full belly and sore cheeks from smiling and laughing.  To leave today with a sense of positivity that isn’t a rush like adrenaline, it’s more like an ember being steadily fanned into strong flame inside their chests.  If we’re lucky enough to have those moments with our families, we have to treasure them and today was definitely one for me.

Sentimental me signing off… 🙂

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